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!Todos Se Burlan de Mi!

( Everyone teases me!)


Everyone Teases Me! is a comic and satirical show which illustrates the guitar playing "a lo español" in French court circles at the beginning of the 17th century.


Set in the living room of a Spanish lady who lives in Paris; she unexpectedly receives a visit from a group of Spanish musicians headed by Don Luís de Briceño. They start a fiesta where guitars, dance, music, liveliness, recitation and playfulness are the main characters.


An air de cour interrupted, a demanding girlfriend, an irate newlywed, a lady accused of breaking the Ten Commandments, a game of playing the villain, broken dishes, a priest, a one-eyed man, some good wine, an insatiable woman and many other things join Don Luis in his bid to fend off those who mock his guitar and his sound.


Ya no quiero cantar más

Por el sujeto que tomo

Que si se burlan de mí

Yo me burlaré de todos!!


I would not sing more

On the subject I take

And if you tease me

I will mock you all!!


                                                                                       Romance. Luis Briceño. 1626.


La Sonorosa has produced this show from an aesthetic and musical reconstruction of Luis de Briceno’s book “método mui facilissimo para aprender a tañer la guitarra a lo español”, published in Paris in 1626. The creation of the show was based on iconography from the period; including musical and literary sources.






Edwin Garcia



Jordi Solé Pérez



Luis Briceno

Estienne of Moulinié

Lope de Vega

Miguel de Cervantes





Maria Albadalejo



Jesus Pelegrin



Conxita Calvo

Sandra García



Belisana Ruiz



Anaïs Oliveras

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